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A message from our Executive Director

Dear Swim with Mike Family,

We had our annual Swim with Mike Back to School Brunch yesterday. It is really wonderful to learn more about our talented scholarship recipients, their families and friends at this annual event. Check out the webcast of the event at http://takeitlive.tv/swm and the security code is swm .

As I mentioned yesterday – to our largest Brunch crowd to date, we are initiating a new program to capture more “Campaign Directors.” The idea is to create your very own campaign, put it on our swimwithmike.org website, and then contact friends, family and email lists asking them all to visit our website to learn more about your campaign and to support your fundraising efforts.

For example, SWM alum Daryl Holmlund (USC Masters in Teaching 2012) is planning a fundraising concert where he and his friends will perform. Scholarship Recipient Abby Bennett (BYU Biology 2019) organizes an annual bike-a-thon. The possibilities are endless – $ for laps of swimming, running, rolling; ice cream eating contest – you get the idea!

It’s all about our 37 year-long ripple effect, as we expand our family of donors, volunteers, and scholarship recipients which in turn will provide more funds to support our deserving, qualified scholarship recipients. Our goal is to fund every single one of these applicants, and pay our mission forward. We can do it with your help.

Keep the Swim with Mike ripple going and growing…a drop, a ripple a wave…make it a splash and change a life.



New Recipient Jack Jablonski Looks Forward to College in CA

Jack Jablonski rolled up to his usual spot in front of the microphone on a recent Wednesday evening and waited for his cue: “It is Hockey Night Minnesota with Jack Jablonski on Sports Radio 105 The Ticket,” the announcer’s voice boomed, launching the weekly drive-time show.

Jablonski had never envisioned sitting inside a radio studio, broadcasting his hockey knowledge over airwaves instead of showing his prowess on the ice. He’d always felt a little uneasy speaking in public. But after a paralyzing accident in the rink 2 ½ years ago, Jablonski, now 18, has pushed himself to do a lot of things he’d never ­imagined.

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