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Aaron Loy UCSB 2017 Campaign Fundraiser

Hello, for those that I have not met personally, my name is Aaron Loy.  I am a third-year Econ Accounting Major at UCSB and this is also my third year with Swim with Mike.  Swim with Mike has done a tremendous job helping me get back to school after I contracted bacterial meningitis which caused me to lose both feet.  Not only has the scholarship helped me, but they have instilled confidence in me as a student, especially in my first few years back at school, and I also feel I have a strong network and backing that I can trust.  Like most recipients say, Swim with Mike has a family feel.  Along with school, I play for the Ducks Sled Hockey team based out of San Diego and also help the Gauchos Swim with Mike director Kelly Walsh plan, fundraise, and run our third annual event, which is taking place at the UCSB pool on April 30th, 2017.  


Thank you Swim with Mike for your unbelievable help and thank you all for your generous aid.


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