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Had it not been for an accident on August 22, 2008, it is possible that you would not be reading this. However, three days into my senior year of high school, I broke my neck during the first varsity football game of the season. The C4 and C6 vertebrae were cracked, C5 was “disintegrated” (as the surgeons phrased it) and my spinal cord was bruised. Everything I knew about life and how to live vanished with the diagnosis of Quadriplegia.

Fast forward a few years, and currently I am attending the University of Southern California looking forward to graduating with a Master’s of Health Administration. How is this possible? One answer, Swim With Mike!!!

The mission of Swim With Mike is simple, they want to provide financial resources for advanced education that pave the way for physically challenged athletes to overcome their tragedies and realize their full potential. Had it not been for this amazing organization, I would not have reached my full potential. I ask, if possible, that you please donate or at least spread the word and introduce others to the Swim With Mike organization. With your help, we can continue to change lives!

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Support my campaign on Swim With Mike! Your donations fund scholarships for physically challenged athletes across the country.

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