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Tomorrow is the Swim at USC and I’ll be tearing up the pool. Well more like splashing around, enjoying the ambiance and looking forward to Oscar’s famous BBQ lunch. Oh, and spending more money at the silent auction.

But regardless of the number of calories burned or consumed tomorrow, the reason for the Swim is hard to forget. Some of you are very familiar with it and have even participated in the past. My connection goes back to the very beginning when Mike broke his neck in 1981. He was a good friend of my girlfriend Cheryl’s roommate Joan Perry Nelson and we joined Ron Orr and other supporters for the inaugural Swim For Mike to help buy Mike a handicap van to get around. The event was great success and the next year Mike and Ron decided to do it again to help other injured athletes and the Swim WITH Mike was born. What started at USC has spread across the nation with scholarships at dozens of schools. This year is the 37th annual Swim and I’ve only missed one. That was to attend the memorial for another friend lost in a motorcycle accident in 1996.

You can make your donation at www.swimwithmike.org. Search for my name and support my campaign.

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Support my campaign on Swim With Mike! Your donations fund scholarships for physically challenged athletes across the country.

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