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David Van Wagener Campaign


After sustaining a cervical spinal cord injury in December 2002, Swim with Mike was instrumental in my life by supporting me during Chemical Engineering programs in undergrad at Bucknell University and grad school at UT-Austin. With the many challenges imposed by such a life-changing injury, the financial support from SWM helped me to reach my educational goals. I subsequently landed a rewarding job in the Oil Refining industry as a chemical engineer in Research & Development with Phillips 66.

In eight years of employment in Oklahoma, I had the opportunity to apply process modeling that I learned at Bucknell and UT. I continued in the area of my dissertation with CO2 Capture technology development, and I branched into classic ChemE with optimization and model development for current refinery units. It’s exciting to have landed a job that was in my pre-injury life plan.

In November 2019 I made an exciting, but terrifying, career leap to return to Denver and be closer to family and old friends. I am working with AECOM, a large engineering consulting firm, with projects related to Oil & Gas as well as CO2 Capture. My success here has relied not only on the great experience at Phillips 66, but also the solid foundation of my education.

Through both jobs in my career that I have been fortunate to earn, I recognize the important role that education has played in my life. I’d love to continue to give back to aspiring college students with physical disabilities. Please help me contribute to the amazing students that Swim with Mike supports!

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Support my campaign on Swim With Mike! Your donations fund scholarships for physically challenged athletes across the country.

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