Helping SWM gives me great joy!


John Naber

Please help men raise funds for disabled student athletes through the annual “Swim With Mike” campaign.

I trained for the Olympic Games with Mike Nyeholt tapping my toes on every lap.  I owe a great deal to Mike and I have been a supporter and Board member of this cause since it began over 37 years ago.

Swim With Mike has made a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of your men and women, by providing scholarship assistance, and resources (helpful contacts, valuable experience and loving attention).  For families that have a loved one in need, there is no organization that connects the student with as many resources as SWM.   

The Annual Swim is a celebration of joyful happiness and community engagement.  Please join us and come to the party.    :)



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Support my campaign on Swim With Mike! Your donations fund scholarships for physically challenged athletes across the country.

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