Kim Hoog Campaign

Kim Hoog Campaign


Another year has passed and wouldn’t you know it, Tyler is still paralyzed. 🙄

What is different this year? Well this year, he is working on his master’s in Screenwriting at USC. and he IS LOVING being in Cali. He fits here. Loves the weather, has made a bunch of friends, has two great roommates, is doing really well in school. As much as Colorado will always be home, he has found joy and excitement and fun in L.A.

This new experience was made possible to him through a full ride scholarship to USC from Swim with Mike. Tyler is one of about three dozen scholarship recipients that SwM supports and helps make dreams and goals attainable. And they are able to give these scholarships through fundraisers like this one that I’m participating in.

We all want our kids, friends, family members, significant others, to find their happiness in life. Find their niche. Find what they’re good at and enjoy. SwM scholarships and support network help not only the recipients by funding their journey, but the rest of us as well by taking that financial burden and turning it into an opportunity for us to sit back and watch our loved one go forth and find their bliss.

I’m not sure how many laps I’ll be able to swim, or how fast, or how super uber graceful I’ll look doing it. But I’m gonna do it. I’d appreciate any and all cheering and donations. And if you want to add a little extra because I have to be in a bathing suit months before the season begins, that’d be ok too.

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Support my campaign on Swim With Mike! Your donations fund scholarships for physically challenged athletes across the country.

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