Guide to maryland lottery in FranceINTRODUCTIONOne of the earliest traces of maryland lottery comes from China where were discovered tickets to play a game called Keno, used during the Han Dynasty between 205 and 187 BCFrancis first discovered this practice during his campaigns in Italy and decided to settle in his kingdom to help replenish […]


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Guide to maryland lottery in France
One of the earliest traces of maryland lottery comes from China where were discovered tickets to play a game called Keno, used during the Han Dynasty between 205 and 187 BC
Francis first discovered this practice during his campaigns in Italy and decided to settle in his kingdom to help replenish the royal treasury. The maryland lottery is called then blanque , Italian blanca (white) after the color notes where only those in black, white distributed among the tickets are winners.
The French National maryland lottery, created by decree of Article 136 of the Finance Act of 22 July 1933 in order to help war invalids, veterans and victims of agricultural disasters, was the largest organizer maryland lottery in France.
Lotteries are regulated business practices. These are games that indicate the winners by the spell (random draw or random action). They are, in principle, distinct from competitions, which reward those who have passed a successful test, as answers to a questionnaire.
Since the law no. 2014-344 on consumption, lotteries are the subject of two separate regimes. The first one comes under the Homeland Security Code and deals with lotteries. The second concerns publicity or promotional lotteries which are exclusively covered by the Consumer Code.
Lotteries under the Internal Security Code
Lotteries are, as a matter of principle, prohibited.
Lotteries are absolutely forbidden as long as the following four elements are present:
The offer to the public
The expectation of a gain
The intervention of chance
A financial contribution required by the operator
The exceptions to the prohibition of lotteries are:
Lotteries organized exclusively for charitable purposes, the promotion of the arts and the financing of non-profit sports activities
Traditional lotos provided they are organized in a restricted circle, usually in an associative setting. The prizes may be purchases, non-refundable, but in no case sums of money
Confectionery dispensers
Fairgrounds provided that they offer exclusively prizes in kind, of a maximum value equal to 30 times the initial bet which can not exceed 1.5 euros
Game shows
Advertising lotteries under the Consumer Code
Nowadays, sweepstakes are legal if they are not unfair. This means that the maryland lottery must not be contrary to the requirements of professional diligence and neither alter or be likely to materially alter the economic behavior of the normally informed and reasonably observant and informed consumer in respect of a Good or service.
A State Controller ensures economic and financial control to the French Games. The Senate website states that “the company is placed under the supervision of the Ministry of the Budget, which determines the distribution of the bills taking into account the levies imposed by the law” .
maryland lottery MARKET & OPERATORS
The market for maryland lottery games is quite closed, while that of online poker, for example, promotes competition. The main reason is that, in France, the State has the hand on this lucrative gambling.
The law of May 31, 1933, stipulates that the Government shall give to the care of a public maryland lottery, the French Games, the monopoly of organization of games of chance. In France, the State holds not less than 72% of the shares of the FDJ.
There are two types of lotteries:
Those where everyone wins;
Those where the number of lots is limited.
These are in most cases lotteries with pre-draw . This allows the customer to be informed:
That he won (in the first case). In addition to the main prizes, a consolation prize is awarded to each participant;
That it has the possibility to win (in the second case).
There are also lotteries for acts of charity,
The traditional lotos organized in a restricted circle or in an associative framework
Lotteries offered to the public on the grounds of a fair.
Here we must mention the three varieties of lotteries in France legal:
Loto – The creation of the Loto is signed on July 10, 1975 by a decree of Prime Minister Jacques Chirac, the Loto being legally “a complementary draw of the National maryland lottery .
The game of the French National maryland lottery, officially known as Lotto , was launched in 1976, it takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Players must select five numbers between 1 and 49 and a luck number between 1 and 10.
Euro Millions is a European maryland lottery that takes place in France on Tuesday and Friday evenings. While national lotteries are generally restricted to residents of a particular country, the Euro Millions maryland lottery pools all jackpots to create huge jackpots and prizes.
One of two pan-European lotteries, the EuroJackpot is one of the most important and popular lotteries in France.
Here are some French sites where you can play online at the best French lotteries, including:
Https:// – Win the jackpot, 500 000 € to win + one chance in 4 to win.
Http:// – Discover the special Euro Millions prints that take place throughout the year, including the super draws of jackpots.
Http:// – FreeLotto offers 6 daily chances to win cash prizes at our 6 games daily for FREE.
Https:// – The Lotto France distributes 4.4 billion euros of prizes each year; Its minimum jackpot is 2 million euros and its record was 24 million euros.
maryland lottery and maryland lottery Taxation in France
As with lotteries, the organization of lotteries (with derogation) can be part of the 6 annual demonstrations exempt from commercial taxes. Two conditions must be respected:
The tax department to which the association is attached must be informed of the event by simple letter not later than 24 hours before the start of the maryland lottery,
A detailed statement of receipts and expenses must be sent to the same department not more than 30 days after the end of the maryland lottery.
Where the production of lotteries or raffles is not included in the 6 exempted events, the general tax system is applied (VAT and corporate tax).
Funds raised through the maryland lottery or the raffle will be used for real charitable, arts-incentive or non-profit sport activities.
Thanks to the development of new electronic portfolios and the securing of monetary transactions on the Internet, today you can deposit and withdraw money for the line maryland lottery using a multitude of reliable means of payment And trustworthy.
Deposit Methods
Visa , Maestro , Mastercard
Ticket Premium
Removal Methods
Generally, funds can be withdrawn using the same methods used for deposits. Among these we can mention:
Most credit and debit cards
Paysafe Card
The reputation
It is necessary to properly inquire about the reputation of the site. Seniority is also a good sign of seriousness. Indeed, if a site is bad, its duration of existence is not well raised.
The licenses
Pay attention to the security that casinos offer their players. It is better to privilege sites with a charter made up of strict rules ensuring the safety of their members. Sites that have a European license or are awarded by ARJEL are the best in terms of protecting their players. Moreover, these sites respect the laws in force, allowing Internet users to play legally, and are regularly checked by specialized organizations.
The redistribution rate
Internet users should be wary of the redistribution rates of online casinos. You should have the ability to view redistribution rates, which are typically around 95-98%.

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Different means of deposit of money are made available to the players, it is up to you to choose the one that you prefer from among those offered by the site: bank card, prepaid card, check, Neteller, Clickandbuy, Moneybookers, Ecocard or electronic wallet for example .
Customer Service
It must be easily accessible, available every day and be in the same language as the one spoken by the player in order to be able to provide the best information. Some sites offer closer customer services with a live chat very friendly and others more professional. But in all cases, what really matters is the seriousness of the site’s employees as well as the response time.
What is the FDJ?
The FDJ , for French Games, is the official body of the lotto in France. Under his responsibility are organized Loto France and EuroMillions – My Million, as well as other games of scratching, of chance.
Do I have to pay taxes if I win?
Yes. Anyone earning a prize greater than or equal to 600 euro, must pay to pay federal and state taxes on his winnings. Taxes are normally deducted directly by the maryland lottery commission when the check is drawn up. The maryland lottery organizer pays the Federal Tax Administration 35% of the advance tax gain, which will be reimbursed to the taxpayer provided that the taxpayer has duly recorded his or her gain in his or her tax return.

maryland lottery

Do online maryland lottery agents have earnings taxes?
All winnings are exempt from commission, regardless of amount. If you wish to receive your winnings by bank transfer, your bank may deduct fees.
The famous maryland lottery is now online too! To play you can buy the maryland lottery tickets online directly from the website. There are a lot of lotteries online and you should know that each maryland lottery has its history, which is often tied to the traditions of the Country of origin. Each online maryland lottery game offers you fantastic bonuses and promotions to help you play more, it’s a way to sample the benefits of maryland lottery games and to earn real money. It is important to note that playing the maryland lottery is legal, in case the site is protected by ARJEL.


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