Swim with Mike has been the springboard to overcoming my adversity and redefining the limits of my abilities


Bike-a-thon for Swim With Mike on June 3, 2017


Raising money for physically challenged athletes. Together as a TEAM we can help by donating to the Swim With Mike foundation. Let’s beat last years annual fund! Support my goal and as a bonus I will throw in extra butterfly training during my practices! 🏊🏽


Trying to raise awareness for such an amazing and inspiring organization that my team has been apart of now for 7 years. Help me reach my goal by donating! 😊 Donate


Push-A-Thon around Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley, CA. April 5, 2017 at 9AM.


Help me give back to the awesome community that gave to me!


Meghan ODonnell Swim With Mike Fundraiser


I Swim with Mike to help give back to the swimming community.


Brooke Thabit’s campaign to support Swim With Mike.


Please continue the Ripple and support my campaign!