Swim with Mike is always so much fun and energetic.  I love being able to participate with so many other kids!


Swim with Mike is a great event that helps raise money that allows people to go to college.


Join me in supporting athletes to dream of new possibilities and realize their full potential!




I Learned about Swim with Mike as a student-athlete at USC…….long ago! I was so inspired by the small group that started this amazing benefit and have become even more inspired by the physically challenged athlete scholarship recipients.  I donate and raise money to do my part to help.   My goal is to contribute/raise $400 for the inspiring physically challenged student-athlete beneficiaries. I am contributing $100 and will match donations up to $150 additional to reach my target. It is a worthy cause. Consider helping – especially my Trojan friends 😉


Help Swim with Mike change lives!


Tyler Hoog’s campaign page!


I’ve supported The Swim since it was for Mike in 1981 and will continue to as long as I’m on this earth.


I’d really like to raise $3500 and am willing to be seen in public in a bathing suit, attempting my version of Swimming with Mike (did I mention Michael is doing this too?!)