In an effort to give back to Swim with Mike and stay motivated to remain active, I pledge to walk my dog Jax 7 days a week.


Thomas Kidd

I’m looking for sponsors for my SWIM WITH MIKE dog walking campaign. Swim with Mike has provided me with an opportunity to continue my education at the University of Oklahoma and achieve my dreams. With your support, Swim with Mike can continue to provide these opportunities to physically challenged individuals like myself that wish to further their education and live a fulfilling life. My campaign is about both giving back to Swim with Mike and drawing on your support and encouragement to remain active. With this in mind, I’m creating a fun and personal campaign that I hope will not only raise money for a fantastic organization, but also provide me with motivation to stick with my personal goal to stay active. For your contribution, I pledge to walk my dog seven days a week, giving both me and my dog Jax some healthy exercise and fresh air.


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Support my campaign on Swim With Mike! Your donations fund scholarships for physically challenged athletes across the country.

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