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On  March 27th,  I completed my first goal of 380,000 yards.  Now to 1,000,000!

UPDATE-UPDATE-UPDATE!!   Thank you all for the great support so far, You all know who you are.  But we need to go bigger if I am to make the goal of $3,800.   Sooooooooo………I have upped the auntie.

I am now swimming 1,000,000 yards for this great program.  That’s 585 miles, at a dime a mile your looking at a $58.50 donation.  I will do the swimming if you, my friends, can do the donating.

Here are the details:

To Celebrate Zach’s Senior year at USC and my 50th year of swimming I have decided to have a swim reunion April 7th, during the “World’s Largest Pool Party” at USC’s Uytengsu Aquatic Center.   I would like to personally invite all of the people who have been part of this great swimming adventure.  From the CMAC, Beach Swim Club, CMHS, Golden West College, Chico State, Masters Swimming and all those I have had the privilege to coach.  I will be swimming at the event and invite anyone to come by and take a swim and see what this wonderful program called Swim-With-Mike is all about.  To date SWM has raised $20million dollars and awarded 218 total Scholarships since 1981.  111 Total Universities in 33 states have hosted SWM scholarship recipients.

I am a big  believer in what Ron Orr calls the ripple effect.  What I have decided to do, is make small ripples everyday. Nov 20th  to April 7th. My goal will be to swim 380,000 yards in honor of 38 years.  All I am asking for is a simple donation of 10 cents per 1,000 yards, or $38.00.  With 100 sponsors that will be $3,800 dollars. As of March 13 I have swam 340,000 yards and over 85% of the way to my 380,000 goal.


I have decided that since Swim with Mike puts on the Waikiki Rough Water swim on Sept. 1st I will swim 1,000,000 yards prior to that event to raise awareness for SWM.  That is 29,000 yards a week, every week until September.  That my friends is over 250 hours of hard laps for the cause.  Please think about supporting NOT ME, but this wonderful event program.

Oh, by the way I will be swimming that event in Hawaii, so if your looking for a race in September the water should be warm.

If you would like to come swim with me, it will cost you $50 and you will get to swim with old friends and guest swimmers.  I have a 50 backstroke race scheduled with Olympian John Naber.  Bruce Furniss will also be a lane guest as will a number of swimming legends. It is one of the best ways to spend a Saturday in April.

Hope to see you all there.


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