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Well it’s my final semester in undergrad (that seems weird to say) and I am off to USC  next year! However, all of this couldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the awesome help from swim with Mike! I’ve been lucky enough to be a scholarship recipient for the last four years which has really helped with my tuition over my undergraduate!

For those of you who don’t know, SWM provides scholarships to  athletes who suffered spinal cord injuries.  This week they’re holding their annual charity fundraiser event at USC and I would like your help to fundraiser! Swim with Mike helps to provide awesome opportunities and experiences  to those who may not get them initially! So as a way of paying it forward I’m asking all of you to help donate to SWM so that some other 18-year-old who suffers a spinal cord injury has an opportunity to attend the college that they hope to, just as the opportunity has been provided to me!

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Support my campaign on Swim With Mike! Your donations fund scholarships for physically challenged athletes across the country.

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