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Since its inception 37 years ago at the University of Southern California, the Swim with Mike scholarship program has served as an inspiration for thousands upon thousands of people across the globe. People have united, despite diverse backgrounds in order to promote this noble cause. Ranging from athlete to applicant, Swim with Mike is an event that can bring even the greatest of rivals together. Mr. Mike Nyeholt’s story of overcoming a hindrance such as paralysis from the chest down is exemplary of the mindset everyone should have. Not only has Mr. Nyeholt inspired me, the exponential growth in donations, donors, and recipients has prompted me to invest in the program even more.

Together with the combination of overcoming hurdles, communal advancement, and the sake of donating and volunteering,  Swim with Mike is the perfect opportunity to fundraise together for a great cause. By fundraising together at my high school, Mater Dei High School (Santa Ana, CA), we can hopefully provide to victims of life-changing injuries/ailments.

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Support my campaign on Swim With Mike! Your donations fund scholarships for physically challenged athletes across the country.

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