What started in 1981 as a one-year fund raiser for Mike Nyeholt—a three time All-American swimmer, who was paralyzed from the chest down following a motorcycle accident—has turned into an annual fundraiser supporting physically challenged athletes around the country. Now almost forty years later, Swim With Mike has raised nearly $22 million in scholarships to help recipients overcome their tragedies and realize their educational and professional dreams.

The Swim With Mike extended family relies upon volunteers, athletes, sponsors, campaign directors and donors throughout our community, country and around the globe. Without the generous donation of time, talent, and sponsorship, none of what we do would be possible. What started as a drop of generosity in 1981 has turned into a ripple and now a wave of support that is changing the lives of hundreds of physically challenged athletes.


To provide financial resources for advanced education that pave the way for physically challenged athletes to overcome their tragedies and realize their full potential.

Who We Are

Hundreds of dedicated volunteers, swimmers, sponsors, campaign directors and donors from 47 different states and across the globe.

We are 54 athletes attending 38 universities who have overcome life changing accidents or illnesses and are pursuing our educational dreams.

We are 164 alumni recipients who are doctors, lawyers, engineers, actors, social workers, accountants and teachers.

What We Do

We raise funds through an annual swim-a-thon, individual campaign directors’ campaigns across the nation and a pool party.

We swim laps, run, walk, roll, float and dedicate our time and dollars.

We thrive in spite of paralysis, amputation, and blindness.

Why We Do It

We are inspired by Mike Nyeholt and our 218 scholarship recipients.

After tragedy, getting back to education is getting back to life.

And we have a great time!

What We Have Achieved

We have raised over $20 million in 37 years.

We supported 218 college scholarships at 111 different schools.

We maintain a low overhead of less than 10% in administrative fees allowing more scholarships to be given.

We can do much more with your help.