Mackenzie Langley – Aspen, CO
University of Denver – Communications — Spring, 2020
T-10 Spinal Cord Injury
Growing up in the Rocky Mountains Mackenzie enjoyed all of the athletic adventures open to her. She learned to ski and played her first hockey game the age of six. She went on to win the state hockey championship in her sophomore year at Aspen high school. Mackenzie loved skiing and hockey but her true passion was soccer. She played year-round and was the only freshman on the varsity squad. Her goal was to play in college until at the age of 16 she was a passenger in a horrific auto accident which resulted in multiple spinal fractures and paralysis from the waist down. After spending many months in the hospital and rehabilitation, she was introduced to new sports such as surfing and mono skiing. Mackenzie is studying communications at the University of Denver and is also taking business courses while volunteering at various non-profits. She is certain that the discipline, leadership, work ethic and strength of character she gained as an athlete will be fully utilized as she pursues her education and newfound passions.


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