Marty O’Connor

Orange, CA
Chapman University – Masters in Business Administration Spring 2017

Marty’s main childhood ambition was pretty simple:  be the best at everything.  Starting at the age of five he competed in swimming, soccer, baseball, basketball and football.  In high school he continued to play football and baseball, but later focused on volleyball.  His passion for snowboarding grew and he started the first ever snowboard club at his high school.  He went on to compete at the University of Colorado in snowboarding and volleyball, and developed his analytical writing skills as a Film Studies major.  He had several great internships in sports broadcasting and published articles covering teams such as the Lakers and Clippers before pursuing a job in sales where he excelled.  He was in the middle of pursuing his career when on
August 12, 2012 he fell down a set of stairs resulting in paralysis from the shoulders down.  He could have given up and abandoned his rehabilitation, but instead he tapped into the athletic qualities he possesses to overcome this challenge.  Marty is relentless and with his MBA, there is no doubt he will thrive again.


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