Deborah Ede-Reddout

Broken Arrow, OK

University of North Texas

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Spring 2022

Deborah was a nationally competitive gymnast. While a freshman in high school she was

preparing for the upcoming USA Gymnastics National Championship. Mid practice she climbed

on the trampoline to practice her most difficult skill, a half-out pike. That was the last thing she

remembered until she woke up to find the facility being vacated and an ambulance on the

way. She woke up the following day post surgery to find out that she had a C5/C6 spinal cord

injury and would not walk again. Two weeks later she was flown to Craig Hospital in

Englewood, Colorado for extensive physical, occupational, recreational and pool therapy. She

told the therapists that it was her goal to walk out of the hospital, and through faith and

determination she amazingly two months later did just that. Deborah went on to Oklahoma State

University where she graduated in spring of 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Health Education

and Promotion.  She recently got married and is currently studying to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy at the University of North Texas. Her overall desire is to help and inspire individuals who face similar challenges.

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