Nick Ekbatani

Santa Monica, CA

University of Southern California

Marshall School of Business

Spring 2016

Nick faced much adversity in his early years but he learned to persevere and found sanctuary in sports where he focused on football in high school. His hard work and dedication earned Nick a full scholarship to play football at UCLA where he started for two years and earned a tryout with the St. Louis Rams. After graduation he worked as a marketing coordinator with ESPN and traveled around the country marketing for Nike Football. Life was good and compared to his long days and nights training and studying at UCLA it was simple until one fateful night in July 2012 when a speeding taxi van collided with Nick’s motorcycle. He suffered head trauma, nearly bled to death and was given a less than 10% chance of survival. His left leg was amputated and multiple follow up surgeries depleted his savings. Nick plans to do more with one leg than he ever could have done with two. He has taken up boxing, swimming and sprinting and hopes to compete in the Paralympics. Nick has taken up motivational speaking and is working on his M.B.A. at USC’s Marshall School of Business.