Kelli Sakaguchi

Torrance, CA


Undecided - Spring 2023

Kelli started playing T-ball then quickly transitioned to basketball while in third grade. She

played year round on club, school and Asian league teams. Basketball taught her the value of

tenacity and dedication which helped her excel in AP courses in Calculus, Psychology and

History. She was a hard-nosed player who always worked hard in practice and during games and

did all the little things including defense, rebounding and diving for loose balls. On June 23,

2014 Kelli was in a horrible automobile accident which resulted in a spinal cord injury and

paralysis. She spent a month in the ICU and another six months in rehabilitation at Rancho Los

Amigos. Fortunately she was able to keep up with her school work, return to school and

graduate with her class from Rolling Hills Preparatory School and receive admission to UCLA as

a freshman. She was honored to serve as Valedictorian for her graduating class as well. While

she could not return to the basketball team as a player she contributed as a statistician for the

Varsity Boys and Girls teams. 

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