Kyle Carpenter

Hesperia, CA

Azusa Pacific University

Nursing, Summer 2020

Kyle started riding BMX bicycles at the age of 5 and competed all over the western USA. At 14

he transitioned into motocross and at 17 was a highly successful sponsored professional. At the

age of 19 he went to a local track to practice and landed badly on a 100 foot jump resulting in a L

1-2 incomplete spinal cord injury. After multiple surgeries followed by extensive rehabilitation

he learned to live life in a wheelchair where what were once the simplest of tasks had to be

relearned or adapted. Kyle knows that his days racing professionally are over but he has

transferred that energy into pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing where he hopes to work in a

neurological unit helping those with similar injuries and challenges. He has been successful as a

motivational speaker and has volunteered to work with recently injured patients who have

suffered similar injuries. Kyle is thrilled to be a part of the Swim With Mike Family. 

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