Logan Caudle

Adairsville, GA

Auburn University

Rehabilitation Counseling, Spring 2021

Logan started baseball at the age of four and at the age of seven played in the Dizzy Dean world

series tournament and made the all star team every year. At the age of thirteen he was diagnosed

with Transverse Myelitis, an autoimmune disease leaving him paralyzed at T-11 dashing his

athletics dreams. During Logan’s freshman year in high school, the track and field coach

encouraged him to look into the school’s wheelchair track and field program. He jumped at the

opportunity and began training. He was very successful and won state championships. After

that he picked up wheelchair softball. In August of 2016, Logan was invited to attend a

wheelchair basketball camp at Auburn. This led to Logan having the opportunity to attend his

dream school, Auburn University where he made and excelled on the wheelchair basketball team

and graduated with his bachelor’s degree. Logan’s teammate Mackenzie Johnson suggested that

he apply for a Swim With Mike scholarship which will allow him to pursue his graduate degree

while continuing to play wheelchair basketball for Auburn.


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