Mahrokh Ebrahim

Sunland, CA


Computer Science/Data Science, Spring 2022

Mahrokh was born and grew up in Tehran, Iran. At the age of seven she learned to play

badminton and was very successful. Her athletic excellence was matched by her academic

prowess and she was admitted as a graduate student to Azad University where she attended for

two years prior to a tragic auto accident that resulted in spinal cord injury at the C6-C7

level. After two years of learning how to navigate life in a power wheelchair she applied for

admission to the University of Science and Technology (IUST) where she had successfully

completed her studies in Electronic System in April, 2014, with a Bachelor’s Degree diploma in

the field of Information Technology Engineering. She found work in her field in Iran then had

the opportunity to come to the USA for two months for advanced medical treatment and was

later able to immigrate. Mahrokh is grateful to Swim With Mike for allowing her the

opportunity to pursue an advanced degree in Data Science, a field that will allow her to


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