The Ripple Effect

The impact of one person makes waves.

The Swim with Mike Foundation changes the lives of many
by spreading hope, inspiring courage, and providing the
gift of education to physically challenged athletes.

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Harnessing the Power of the Ripple Effect


Our commitment to physically challenged athletes is to ensure that these individuals have the resources and support to thrive, and have an equitable and promising future. Our differences are our strengths, and together, we impact many.

After a dirt-biking accident left All-American swimmer Mike Nyeholt paralyzed in 1981, Swim With Mike Foundation co-founders Mike and Ron turned tragedy into triumph. Together, with the help of fellow USC swimming teammates and generous donors, they have changed the lives of 295 scholarship recipients who have attended 152 universities across 47 states nationwide since Swim With Mike’s inception.

Mission Statement

“The mission of Swim with Mike Foundation is to change the lives of student athletes who have experienced catastrophic injury or illness by providing scholarships, creating community and instilling hope and purpose.”

A drop, a ripple, a wave—join us, you can literally change a life. Together, we can do so much.
                                                                                          -Ron Orr

"Swim with Mike made it possible for me to pursue a graduate degree."

Krista Ramirez-villatoro
uCLA '24
meet the current scholars

The Class of 2023-2024

Tragedy is not what defines lives, it is the hope, inspiration, and competitive spirit that define the scholarship recipients in the Swim with Mike Foundation family. Each of our scholarship recipients are on a journey to reach their full potential by pursuing their professional passions, athleticism, and personal goals through the university experience.

Recipient Stories

Building the Wave of Impact Nationwide


A ripple in the pool by one swimmer magnifies to a wave with a team. The wave of impact the Swim with Mike Foundation has built through the help of donors, volunteers, and alumni recipients over 40 years offers a unique opportunity for physically challenged student-athletes to join a family of support while pursuing education and recreating a future after life-altering accident or illness.

Creating a difference in one life impacts all of those around that person: family, friends, and teammates. The Ripple Effect magnifies as the outreach grows.

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The gift of education offers physically challenged student-athletes a unique opportunity to start a fresh chapter in their lives. Often light comes after adversity, and your gift illuminates
a path forward.
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Education empowers recipients to achieve self-sufficiency and to define and refocus their lives. We encourage student-athletes who have experienced catastrophic injury or illness to apply for a scholarship, and join the Swim with Mike community.


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Create a wave of support by building your own campaign. Recruit and inspire others to join you to magnify the impact of the Ripple Effect. Start with an idea, spread the word, and change a life!


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Alum and Board Member Natalie Buchoz

Swim with Mike alum and board member Natalie Buchoz - "When you know this world is a temporary assignment, you will find beauty in the darkest moments and can go into them knowing the light will always lead you through." Watch her Instagram reel "Reborn"

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Join Us For The 43rd Annual Swim with Mike!

Join us at the 43rd Annual Swim with Mike to be held on Saturday, April 6, 2024 at the Uytengsu Aquatics Center on the campus of the University of Southern California. We look forward to seeing you!

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