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A Beacon of Light and Hope

Pursuing education is a roadmap for recovery after traumatic injury. It is a chance to pursue a new chapter, offering student-athletes who are driven and competitive by nature, a sense of purpose, independence, and well-being. Completing a degree and excelling in the classroom is up to the individual—a path forward. We welcome you to meet our current recipients and learn more about their triumphant stories.

"With hope, nothing is impossible, or better said, everything is possible."

Ignacio Montoya

California State University, Los Angeles

“The Swim with Mike Foundation through this scholarship opportunity is providing me an exceptional educational experience at Cal State LA that is allowing me to learn and have a deeper understanding about physiology and kinesiology of the human body especially after trauma and paralysis. This is allowing me to better understand, evaluate, and interpret in order to optimize the functional recovery that I am experiencing as a participant of the world’s leading clinical trial that’s aimed at demonstrating what is possible in spinal cord injury research by working to reverse paralysis and change the standard of care.” “I want to not only use this experience to help others see what is possible but more than anything I want to give paralyzed men and women hope because hope is the key that makes this dream probable.” “With hope, nothing is impossible, or better said, Everything is Possible.”

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Hayden Werdal

Seattle University

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"Swim With Mike scholarship program is a life changing opportunity."

Alex Torelli

Yale University

"To me, the Swim With Mike scholarship program is a life changing opportunity for young people who have suffered a Spinal Cord Injury. In helping me achieve my MBA, the scholarship will allow me to give back to the SCI/D community through more effective fundraising and hopefully board engagement in the future. After completing my degree I plan to further my career in Education through consulting and technology, helping organizations serving underrepresented populations achieve at a high level. I am thrilled by the opportunity to join the Swim With Mike family, and even more so to give back to the community through mentorship and fundraising."

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"Swim with Mike has allowed me to broaden my horizon and pursue my dreams."

Andrew Donnellan

University of Arizona

"Swim with Mike and the whole Swim with Mike family has been invaluable to my education, allowing me to broaden my horizon and pursue my dreams."

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Education is the Great Equalizer:
A Path Forward for Student-Athletes to
Realize New Opportunities

The impact of an educational scholarship is two-fold: it develops the individual and it illuminates a new path after a catastrophic, life-altering event. Beginning an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral program levels the playing field and allows scholarship recipients to reimagine their future and reshape themselves as individuals. The positive energy and challenges faced in the classroom builds self-esteem, self-reliance, and the ability to achieve great success as an independent person. The university experience offers the fundamental building blocks to pursue professional passions, stimulate innovation, and move their life forward.

As student-athletes, Swim with Mike Foundation scholarship recipients are challenged to push through life-altering obstacles and serve as pillars of courage and hope for those that follow in their wake.

By supporting a campaign, you are enabling current recipients to ride the wave of the Ripple Effect where they can raise money to help future student-athletes achieve success through an academic scholarship.

Current Recipients

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