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Campaign leaders are the foundation of Swim with Mike which began organically by a coalition of volunteers fundraising at our first event held in 1981.



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Share your efforts with others to spur the Ripple Effect throughout your community. The larger the team, the greater the impact.

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You can do anything to fundraise. Check out these fundraisers to get ideas for your own campaign.

Virtual or In-Person Craft Night

Learn a new hobby. Invite others to join an online class or host a class at your home or virtually and teach others. Try cooking, scrapbooking, needlepoint, model or Lego building, painting, carpentry, or calligraphy. Tag on an extra fee per person to fundraise for Swim with Mike.

Campaign Raised: $500


Grab a group of fellow cyclists, chart a path, and bike around your neighborhood a few times a month. Invite others to join and sponsor your bike-a-thon.

Money Raised: $2,500

Relays and Challenges

Walk-a-thons and swim-a-thons are a great way to get physically fit while pledging a dollar amount per mile or per lap. Organize a reunion of friends or fellow teammates.

Campaign Raised: $2,000


Organize a barbecue and backyard concert where friends perform and guests contribute to Swim with Mike while enjoying great food and music!

Campaign Raised: $1,500

Sports Tournament

Gather friends and have a "buy-in" of $40 per person to accelerate the Ripple Effect for Swim with Mike. Enjoy a couple rounds of golf with friends and share some laughs while raising scholarship money for recipients.

Campaign Raised: $2,000

Daily Allowance Jar

Place the $5 per day allowance you would spend on coffee or lunch in a large mug to support Swim with Mike. At 6 months, you have raised $1,000!

Campaign Raised: $1,000

Bake Sale

Bake your favorite recipes and offer them to your colleagues at work, friends, or neighbors.

Campaign Raised: $1,500


From 1-milers to 5Ks and beyond, start with a small distance and build a base together with fellow joggers. Get in shape while raising funds per mile for scholarships. It's really a walk (run) in the park!

Campaign Raised: $2,500

Yard Sale

Gather items from your friends and neighbors and organize a yard sale for a good cause.

Campaign Raised: $3,000

Game Night

Rally a group of friends for pizza and game night. Play your favorite card game, bingo, poker, or Monopoly and tally up fundraising dollars.

Campaign Raised: $1,500


Organize a silent or live auction with a group. Create fun categories, build the hype for a lively group event while raising money for the cause.

Campaign Raised: $3,500


Grab a group of friends or colleagues and have them donate items or gift cards to a raffle.

Campaign Raised: $750


You may advertise at Swim with Mike events through our annual publication, The Yearbook, with outreach to thousands of participants in Southern California and nationwide. By advertising in our publication, you may market your business or service, create a personal ad to recognize a participant, or congratulate a graduating senior.

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You may purchase an ad directly through our website DONATE page or by mailing a check.

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