Join Us For the 41st Annual Swim With Mike Reunion!

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Join Us For the 41st Annual Swim With Mike Reunion!

Join us the for the 41st Annual Swim With Mike Reunion!

Uytengsu Aquatics Center

University of Southern California

April 9, 2022


The 42nd Annual Yearbook Celebrates The Ripple Effect!

Swim With Mike's annual publication, The Yearbook, celebrates the Swim With Mike Family and the work of the foundation. This year we celebrate our 42nd year! Current and alumni scholarship recipients are featured demonstrating the impact Swim With Mike has had on their lives. We invite you to take a closer look at how the Ripple Effect has evolved over the past 42 years.

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Swim With Mike Celebrates 42 years!

42 years ago on March 7, 1981, the first-ever "Swim For Mike" was held. The following year, the event was renamed Swim With Mike, and the rest is history! The Ripple Effect has expanded nationwide, offering scholarships to 282 physically challenged athletes attending 148 colleges across 47 states. In the pool, one swimmer creates a ripple and a team makes waves. We wish to thank our generous friends and supporters of Swim With Mike. Thank you for making waves!

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Join Us for the 42nd Annual Swim With Mike!

The event will be held at the Uytengsu Aquatics Center at USC on Saturday, April 1, 2023. We look forward to seeing you!

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