Charles DeGennaro

"I believe in inspiring others with a “can do” attitude and positive thinking. I believe disabilities do not define us and I am much more than a diagnosis. I hope to continue to look forward and give back."

In February 2020, Charles suffered a non-traumatic spinal cord injury caused by acute transverse myelitis.  At the time, he was a high school freshman and had just completed his junior varsity basketball season.  Due to his injury, he lost significant use of his hands and arms, particularly his dominant hand.  He cannot write or use my left hand for any useful purpose. He was able to regain his walking ability with a limp, but his balance is often an issue.  As Charles continues to recover, everyday tasks are often quite challenging, but his passion for competitive sports has not wavered. He loves to watch and cheer on his favorite sports teams.  One day, he hopes to participate in capacity playing, and his goal is to be a manager for a college basketball team. In his spare time, he also enjoys spending time with friends and family and playing video games.