Heidi Pearson

"If it wasn't for Swim with Mike, I wouldn't be attending Boise State right now. I'm so grateful for the opportunity that they have given me to further my education here at Boise State University and keep me moving forward after my accident."

Heidi grew up playing basketball, volleyball, and track and field at Rimrock High in Idaho. She placed first in discus at the Western Idaho Conference Championship her junior year.  That summer she worked as a lifeguard, taught swimming lessons and was a hydrology intern for Boise State University.  On June 23, 2019, Heidi drove off a remote dirt road over a steep embankment.  Heidi’s back was broken between T11-T12 and the surgeon fused her spine between T10-L1. Ever the athlete, Heidi focused on rehabilitation and quickly became involved in adaptive sports, which she continues to pursue while a student at Boise State University.