Myles Molnar

"The Swim with Mike scholarship has led me to my place at USC and my membership in the Trojan Knights. These two things embody what it means to be a recipient of the Swim with Mike scholarship. The Trojan Knights embody the Ripple Effect with the opportunity of service in the community. The Swim with Mike scholarship has allowed me to become a student of higher education which has broadened my horizon and my expectations in myself by lifting any limitations I may have once had. I look forward to continuing my role in the Swim with Mike Ripple Effect into the future."

Myles played baseball and soccer but in the fourth grade he was introduced to wrestling and that became his passion. In 2015 after seventh grade, his family moved to Abu Dhabi UAE and Myles attended an American International School.  On January 21, 2017 while participating in a school wrestling practice, he suffered a spinal cord injury which resulted in dislocation of his C5/C6 vertebrae.  Emergency surgery and months in rehabilitation hospitals followed. Myles graduated from his hometown high school on time with his peers despite experiencing such adversity. Through the Swim With Mike scholarship Myles plans to pursue a career in applied mathematics.