Aaron Stant

“Scholarship, to me, is the opportunity to take my own experiences in an academic setting and use them to create opportunities for others both presently and in the future. Architecture allows me to design for people, ensuring their experience in a space is accessible but also meaningful.”

Aaron developed a passion for the water when he began competitive swimming.  He spent his time training and traveling to swim meets and looked forward to a successful high school swimming career.  At a summer meet his times were slower than expected.  He brushed it off but during the winter season his challenges increased.  He started a race and immediately knew something was wrong. His lungs began to burn and he needed help getting out of the water.  A neurologist gave him the bad news that he had spinal muscular atrophy.  His competitive swimming career was over, but he started coaching youth swimming for the very team he swam for.  Before his diagnosis Aaron also competed on the golf team.  After his diagnosis he decided to stick with it even with the challenges he faced.  Aaron completed a degree in architecture with a minor in disability studies at Ohio State University. Aaron was the second Swim With Mike scholarship recipient to attend this prestigious school.  He is now at the University of Michigan pursuing a master's degree in architecture and appreciates Swim With Mike for giving him the opportunity.