Alex Uppenkamp

"I feel very fortunate to have the Foundation's support. School has always been something that I have found pleasure in as I enjoy the challenges of learning new things and applying those to life. I am looking forward to achieving my academic goals and helping other newly injured athletes along this journey."

In 2019, Alex crashed his mountain bike by overshooting a 30-foot jump and broke his neck. Landing on his head, he fractured his C4-C6 vertebrae, but the doctors fused his neck from C3-C6. In San Diego, he was in ICU for 35 days before he was transferred to Craig Hospital for extensive rehabilitation.

Growing up, Alex participated in sports like mountain biking, motorcycle riding, and Little League baseball. In high school, he became more involved in mountain biking and started participating in surfing, photography, and climbing. He rode at least 50 miles a week on his mountain bike. He was actively involved in the San Diego Mountain Biking Association and volunteered to perform trail maintenance.