Amen Alyasiry

Amen grew up in Detroit, Michigan and played basketball starting at the age of five. At the age of thirteen, he was playing basketball in his front yard when he heard the sound of gunshots and within seconds found himself lying on the ground in extreme pain. He was paralyzed and in the hospital when on the first day he heard about wheelchair basketball. He fell in love with the adapted version of his sport and aspired to the highest levels. He was thrilled to be admitted into the prestigious Electrical Engineering program at the University of Arizona. “One of Amen’s great passions is maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Even in a rigorous academic environment, Amen is able to achieve this by playing the high octane sport of wheelchair basketball and consistently weightlifting. Building connections with other people has been paramount in his success. Building strong relationships is something Amen strives for under any circumstances. With a school of almost 45 thousand students, The U of A is the perfect spot to do just that.”