Annalee Konsoer-Rose

"My disability does not define me, but instead it gives me the motivation to continue with my educational goals and because of Swim with Mike, I am able to do that".

Since birth, AnnaLee has had a relentless and fearless persona. During the fall of her junior year of high school, she started to experience abdominal pain after being tackled multiple times during her high school’s annual powder puff game. The new symptom was found to be from the compression of spinal fluid on her spinal cord which created a cyst. She had her first spinal surgery in Cleveland, Ohio in order to remove the cyst. AnnaLee had her second spinal surgery due to further compression which caused a foot drop. After two surgeries and graduating from high school, AnnaLee had eight more surgeries in Miami, Florida; all to relieve spinal compression. In between surgeries AnnaLee stayed committed to her aspirations of becoming a physician by enrolling in online classes. Again due to spinal compression, all of which had caused abdominal pain, spinal headaches, right foot drop, and immense back pain, AnnaLee had her last five surgeries in Grand Rapids, Michigan. AnnaLee, being surgery free for around two years now, is ready to regain her independence, with the help of her walker, as a student at Louisiana State University