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Charles Kennedy

"This scholarship has not only provided me the opportunity to enhance my educational journey, but it has also given me a chance to show my gratitude to a community of warriors. I now have the privilege and challenge to continue the ripple effect by giving back to those who have fought for me and help pave the way for student-athletes who have the courage to never give up."

In 2013, at the age of nine, Charles suffered from a ruptured AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation), a type of cranial stroke. As a result of the pressure build up in his brain, he was left paralyzed on the entire left side of his body. After a month in the ICU and a second month in in-patient rehab, he was released from the hospital. Although he recovered miraculously, he still suffers from full paralysis from the knee down on his left leg.

Charles has a variety of hobbies and plays violin, cello, mandolin, piano, and guitar. He enjoys outdoor activities including cross-fit competitions, varsity crew, boxing, swimming, hunting, and fishing where he manages 100+ acres of hunting property where he creates crop and fertilizer planning to improve soil pH and overall benefit the natural habitat. He has excelled at Hillsdale College where he majors in Economics with a minor in Chemistry.