Corben Brooks

“The Ripple Effect created by Swim With Mike has given me a second chance to fulfill my dreams. After my injury, my future was surrounded by question marks. However, the remarkable donors and volunteers of this organization have provided me with the opportunity to overcome that uncertainty and embark on a career that can create meaningful change in this world."

Corben grew up playing football, basketball, and golf. He planned to play football at the United States Coast Guard Academy and become a rescue helicopter pilot. However, during a football game, Corben tackled another player and landed awkwardly. After surgery, Corben awoke to a diagnoses of C5-6 Quadriplegia. Thanks to Swim With Mike, Corben received a Bachelor’s in Public Policy and Development from USC in 2017 and a Master of Health Administration in 2019. Corben’s desire to empower disabled individuals has led him to the UCLA School of Law. As a lawyer, he intends to use his experience to effectively advocate for the disabled community. He graduated from UCLA in May, 2023.