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Joseline Castillo

"With the help of Swim with Mike, I have been able to study architecture at Drexel University. I have also become more active in local adapted sports programs and hope to use my degree to further improve accessibility one project at a time."

Growing up in the Dominican Republic, Joseline participated in multiple sports. In February of her junior year in high school Joseline had the highest GPA in school and a great future before her. She woke up one morning with the strange sensation of tingling up and down her legs. Within hours things went from bad to worse and she was shuffled from emergency room to emergency room and doctor to doctor with no one able to diagnose or treat what was happening. She soon was paralyzed from the chest down. Days later Joseline was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis. As the Dominican Republic had limited medical resources, the family looked to find the help Joseline needed to recover her health and function. She moved to Washington D.C. and started physical and occupational therapy at Kennedy Krieger Institute where she made great strides regaining the ability to walk with crutches. Joseline is attending Drexel University and majoring in Architecture with the goal to create accessible and sustainable building design.