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Kendra Muller

"I believe education is the most inspiring and influential gift one can give and the knowledge that Swim with Mike has helped me and countless others is something that I am filled with gratitude for. By giving the gift of education, I am sure that Swim with Mike has touched not just myself and other recipients, but many lives from the causal impact of each gift. I am so appreciative of SWM's selflessness and constant work to make education accessible for all."

Kendra Muller is currently a second-year law student at the University of San Diego School of Law (USD), where she is pursuing international and domestic disability law. She enjoys collaborating across disciplines and combining law, policy, and research to provide comprehensive solutions and ideas to benefit the community. Before entering law school, she graduated with a bachelor of neuropsychology and worked as a research associate for the Global Truth Commission Index, analyzing human rights violations in post-conflict countries. Previously to coming to San Diego, she lived in Utah where she founded the Equal Access and Disability Rights Commission providing research and advocacy for excluded and underrepresented students in higher education. Kendra currently works as a law clerk for Disability Rights California where she has relished working with brilliant attorneys in several complex litigation cases for homeless discrimination, equal access, and reasonable accommodations. Kendra is an active member of the San Diego County Bar Association Different Abilities Group and is currently volunteering at the Disability and Education Clinic at USD. As a liaison, she is excited to collaborate with colleagues at the ABA Commission on Disability Rights. In her spare time, Kendra enjoys playing the harmonica, hiking, and wheelchair rugby.