Mason Branstrator

"Strangely enough, disability has affected me more positively than I could have imagined. On the one hand, my injury is hard on my body and time-consuming. On the other, it has provided me with a community and family that is both content and ever-searching for improvements in quality of life."

In 2021, Mason went off a jump while alpine skiing that changed his life forever and ended his(upright) high-school sports career dead in its tracks. After landing on his head and shoulders, he instantly broke his T11-12 vertebrae leaving him an incomplete paraplegic from the waist down. From a young age, Mason has always had a passion for art, especially drawing and painting, and more recently, he has demonstrated an active interest in filmmaking and graphic design. Bringing all these skills together, Mason tells his incredible journey of strength online to inspire others. He enjoys finding and sharing resources to help improve the lives of others with a physical disability and has grown his community by connecting with people through social media. In addition to his artistic pursuits, Mason enjoys the team-building and competitive side of organized sports, yard games, and working out. He loves to swim and play pickleball. He loves a good strategy game where he can advance his innate problem-solving skills. He enjoys a good board or card game with friends and family.

Referred to Swim With Mike by fellow alumni Myles Molnar, he is grateful to be a part of the Swim With Mike Family.