Matt Hylen

"This scholarship carries with it more meaning than just helping our family afford a college education, it means I get to be part of something bigger. I get to pursue my dreams and I get to pay it forward and help other kids pursue their dreams. If my life now was the ocean the day after a huge storm, this Swim With Mike scholarship is the rock that is starting me off on my adventure. I don't know where it will take me, and I can't see how far the ripples go, but I know it will be endless."

Matt has been an athlete his whole life and has had a passion for anything sports since he can remember. The summer before high school in July 2018, Matt was experiencing vertigo and nausea and was forced to sit out for basketball season. The symptoms became worse and in June 2020 he was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation and was rushed into the hospital for emergency brain surgery. After a near death experience and a subsequent diagnosis with ulcerative colitis, the amazing doctors at Boston Children's Hospital saved his life. To stay connected with his passion for basketball, Matt coaches kids and finds that they inspire him and truly demonstrate his belief that every person can have an impact on the world.

Matt has worked as a consultant in BSU's writing studio and has an assistant for the BSU club sports coordinator. He is majoring in Communications with a minor in Criminal Justice.