Molly Bloom

Molly Bloom was born in Denver, Colorado and went on to excel in swimming and downhill skiing. At East High in Denver she was an outstanding student qualifying for the National Honor Society with plans to attend the University of Colorado as a member of the Honors program. The East Denver High School Senior Prom was held one week before graduation. A group of students rented a limousine to take them to the Prom. As Molly stepped in to the limousine, the driver pulled away from the curb. The injuries resulted in amputation of the left leg including the hip and portions of the pelvis. Needless to say, she missed the Prom and High School graduation. Following extensive surgeries and rehabilitation Molly realized her goal of attending the University of Colorado one year later where she is pursuing a double major in psychology and linguistics with a minor in Nordic studies. Molly enjoys many adaptive sports as both a participant and facilitator. She excels in handcycling and basketball and has gotten in to rock climbing, ice climbing and horseback riding. Molly is spent the 2009-10 academic year studying in New Zealand and Sweden.