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Nathan Morse

Just before the start of his high school freshman year, Nathan was injured diving into a friend’s pool resulting in quadriplegia. He played football from 5 years old until the week of his injury, and enjoyed playing basketball, baseball, soccer, and the sport that stole his heart, lacrosse. He played on a travel lacrosse team and was on his middle school’s undefeated team. He has since taken up bodybuilding and recently won a competition in his hometown of Poughkeepsie, NY. His high school teacher and coach recommended he apply for the SWMF scholarship.

Nathan is the founder of an inspirational apparel company, launched after spending months in the hospital enduring numerous surgeries and procedures, only to be released into the isolation of the Covid lockdown. Focusing on others, his company also gives back to local non-profits in the Hudson River Valley. Now a freshman studying business and finance at Marist College, he knows that obstacles will present themselves and does his best to attack the challenges.