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Rachel Miller

"Thank you so much! I am incredibly excited to join the Swim with Mike family! Being a recipient of the Swim with Mike scholarship allows me to achieve my goals of higher education without the limitation of expense."

In January 2018 Rachel developed a viral infection, which started to destroy her connective tissue, leading to three months of hospitalization and two years of bed bound rest and recovery.  An active softball player and swimmer prior to her injury, her road to recovery has been a difficult adjustment. Her perseverance has paid off as she has regained some mobility in her upper extremities because of intense physical therapy over the past 5 years. Rachel is proud to be a Swim With Mike scholarship recipient. Her friend and fellow recipient Myles Molnar referred her to the foundation, and she has since met Natalie Fung, another recipient. Rachel’s mom was a lifeguard at USC, graduating from USC in 1988, and she remembers Swim With Mike in its early days. Rachel is a triplet and her two sisters also attend USC.